Why English At Home

“New language – new dimension of the world.”

Working at home I could easily respect my child’s interests and moods. Introduce songs, games and repeat the favourites according to their wishes and (surprisingly) it felt great!

Why we did not attend courses? We did and with a great american teacher. But my daughter started to fear strangers, became shy (for a while) and did not want to go there. When the child feels stressed it stops learning. So we skipped and started our home activities.

At home you can choose timing to your and child’s convenience. Even find a little routine (bathing at evening is for me much simpler with English because asking Can you wash your face? Can you was your tummy?  etc.  is just such an exciting game kids demand to play).

Later the games became also exciting siblings activity.

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After this experience I share  tips for early learning activities at home using all senses, movements and social interaction in my courses. 

I encourage parents not to be concerned about the level of their English what matters is positive support with guidance and willingness to try new things.