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confident conversation in a few months 

How can we practice English and introduce it to preschool children effectively and in a natural and fun way?  With our learning materials, you will find the most effective approach based on Montessori principals. This powerful combination helps children to easily reach their full potential with languages

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Learning English Naturally 

Over 90 minutes of video guides and bonuses to help learn English in a natural way.


Unlimited access to more than 27 videos that you may also enjoy in the six week training program.

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Get over 90 minutes of video guides in 6 lessons

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Get over 90 minutes of video guides in 6 lessons

See the action with children for quick teaching ideas

Learn at your convenience

Download lesson summaries with handy cards

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Effective concept of integrating English

Playful English moments that can help your children learn as easily as they did with their native language.

With our handy printouts summarizing all ideas, you can be an active and effective guide in this wonderful process.

I am excited to invite you in! 

I’m really excited to share the English With Kids Online course with you. My name is Eva Potociarova. I live in Prague (Czech Republic) and my native language is Czech. After studying in the US, and because of my passion for English movies, books, and Montessori education, I wondered:

Can we efficiently help preschool children in confident English communication?

In my nine years of experience, I have seen my three bilingual children and many more of my students prove that it is 100 % possible. It has shown to bring great benefits to children. When guidance comes from non-native speakers they can achieve so much along the way.

The exciting world of English rhymes, songs, games, books, and little “English moments” in small talk combined with activities using the Montessori approach works so well and is also very accessible with today’s technologies and resources.

Falling in love with activities in English immediately helps children to find a way to use English every day by themselves. With only a liittle guidance, adults who provide a prepared environment can help make children feel comfortable enough to use English to communicate easily and fluently.

I have found that feeling familiar with the English language is the best start for our children’s future learning. Awareness of the world’s diversity usually drives their interest to learn more.

I really like how this approach supports a child’s positive self-image and confidence in their ability. I am sharing my experience with other parents and teachers in both my classes and online courses.

Supporting the enormous talent children have for languages early on is really worth it and can benefit parents and caretakers too.

I am thankful to my three daughters and to my students for this wonderful journey!

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