Fun Game For Introducing English To Kids

It is known that little children learn languages best in one-on-one interaction with adults in fluent meaningful context. The frequency is much more important than long exposure. So here is one tip for a super fun short game.

Try with your kids this easy activity that brings great sensorial experience too. Choose various food, something:

  • sweet (anything you like – fruits, sweets,…)
  • sour (lemon, orange,…)
  • salty (we use popcorn or chips)
  • bitter (can be a bitter chocolate)

and comment what is it and how it tastes “Yummy, it is something sweet, I like it. I think it is …” Take turns.


close your eyes

English with kids can be so much fun. For more tips on English activities and games for ESL also see the treasure hunt ideas on my blog.