“Positive emotion associated with English is what drives their interest to learn more.”

At the beginning I lost a lot of time and energy searching for the best tips how to introduce English language to kids at home and finding courage.  And since small children just love singing songs  that is where we have started. Very helpful was our collection in video gallery. Pictures explained what is the song about and I did more explaining when singing together.

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After a lot of searching I have found  great songs from Super Simple Learning  that come with animated videos and are also available onCD’s and DVD’s  (priceless when traveling by  car, our daughters engaged in singing and hand motions completely forget about car sickness).

Combination of videos, audios and printed little helpful cards worked great and kids soon new the songs better then me. Now I try to practise English with kids on regular basis.

I also recommend a visit to Super Simple Learning website and check their wonderful collection of songs and other materials.