Meaningful English Learning

Practising English in the real-life situations and together with children is so effective and supports real confidence and fluency for both. These little English moments (as I call them) in the daily life situations are so magical.

We are getting dressed every day, right. So why not learning something new in English here and there when having this little handy card at hand.

“Don’t forget to put your hat on. Hurry up! Hurry up”

  • Making English learning an enjoyable and happy experience
  • With no barriers in communication
  • Developing full potential in early formative years

In our online course, you can see the action and have everything you need in the printouts. Our goal is natural learning based on the Montessori principals. This powerful combination helps children easily develop their full potential in languages.


I agree with M. Montessori that little children have an amazing ability for figuring out new languages when having “the prepared environment”. And that is what our online courses are about. 

Helping  children to be confident in speaking  English.