Learning English With Kids Together

What have words such as wipers, harvest moon and tickles in common? For me these are some of many new words I have learned myself when introducing English to my children.

Learning from songs

Do you know the classic English song for kids The wheels on the bus? There is a rhyme: “…Wipers on the bus go swish swish swish…”  Is it something new for you too?

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Reading books together

In the book Hush Little Baby from S. Long there is a rhyme

“If that banjo’s out of tune, Mamma’s going to show you the harvest moon.”

I have learned that it is the full moon (closest to the autumnal equinox). Why harvest? Because before electricity, the extra light provided by this brilliant moon allowed farmers to work into the night gathering their crops during peak harvest season.

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Playing together

Tickles and tickling … making others laugh by touching especially under arms or on the feet…The book Ten Tiny Tickles is just about it and I learned much myself. But tickling is fun any time and you can easily practise counting with it:

“One tickle on your chin. Two tickles on your neck. Three tickles under your arms …”  Tickles can make counting the best game ever.

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Find an area you like and explore English together with your kids. ????