Business Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using the services of the company English With Kids!

Basic Provisions

This document governs the General Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter only referred to as the “GBTC), subjected to which the company English With Kids s.r.o., Reg. No.: 05443024, with its registered office at Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1, registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, File No. C 263733 (hereinafter only referred to as “EWK” or the “Provider) shall provide its services. These GBTC govern primarily the contractual relationship of the provision of online courses and workshops (hereinafter also referred to as “services). Other supporting services shall be governed with these GBTC adequately.

In the contractual relationships, which are governed herewith, there are the following contracting parties:

–  Client – legal entity or physical person concluding an agreement for using the services with the company English With Kids s.r.o., or, as the case may be, a person/entity with possible interest in the provided services;

–    Rights and obligations of the Client shall also apply to a course participant;

–    Provider – the company English With Kids s.r.o.

The Client may be represented with a responsible representative in the conclusion, modification, completion or cancellation of the agreement with the Provider.

By placing an order, the Client shall confirm that before the conclusion of the agreement with the Provider they have been acquainted with these GBTC. The order shall represent a binding application for the online course or workshop. By placing the order, the Client agrees with these GBTC.

These GBTC shall form a part of the agreement on provision of services, the subject of which is the participation in an online course or participation in a workshop; furthermore, they shall form a part of the purchase agreement, the subject of which is the purchase of the educational materials. The agreement with the Provider shall be concluded by the Client with the use of the web pages or The agreement shall be concluded by filling in and sending the order.

The subject of the agreement on provision of services and the subject of the purchase is a product of intellectual property and, therefore, it is forbidden to circulate or provide it to third parties without consent of the Provider (or author), even after the termination of the agreement. By the conclusion of the agreement, the Client agrees that any use of such obtained information and success or failure resulting therefrom shall be only based on the decision and responsibility of the Client, and the Provider (or the author) shall not bear any responsibility for them. The Clients may be provided with information about products or services of third parties, which only represent a recommendation and expression of an opinion of the Provider about that particular issue.


The agreement on provision of services shall be concluded by sending the order of the Client after the selection of the type of the payment and acceptance of the order by EWK; EWK shall not be liable for possible errors during the data transfer. The conclusion of the agreement shall be confirmed by EWK to the Client without delay by means of an informative e-mail sent to the e-mail address entered by the Client.

Payment conditions

 EWK accepts the following payment method:

  • Paypal payments
  • By bank transfer on the bank account number 4245863339/0800 kept with ČS a.s. (all required payment data for an easy transfer will be sent by e-mail)

 Online Courses

 Online courses consisting of video, text and graphic materials help children learn English in the natural and playful way.

 After the accrual of the payment for the online course, the access address shall be sent to the Client electronically to the online environment of the Course to the e-mail entered by the Client and their selected log-in data for the access to the course shall be activated to them.

The Client is obliged to conceal their log-in data and not to pass on their log-in data to third parties. In case of a violation of any of the said obligations:

– The Client shall be liable for the damages incurred by the Provider therewith,

– The Provider shall be authorized to cancel the log-in data of the Client (and therewith block their access to the online environment of the Course),

– The Provider shall be authorized to withdraw from the agreement with the Client with effect from the delivery of the notice to the Client. The Client is obliged to pay a one-off contracting fine to the Provider at the amount equalling to the price of the Course agreed according to the agreement with the Client for each event of a violation of any of the aforesaid obligations by the Client.

The courses shall be available to the Client in the online environment for the period of at least 12 months.

If the course also includes sending printed materials, they shall be sent by post immediately after the expiration of the 14-day period, for which we guarantee the refund of the money in case of a withdrawal from the agreement. If the Client does not request this period, we can also send the materials sooner according to the agreement.

Children under 15 years of age shall not be authorized to conclude an agreement with the Provider and order online courses.

The materials received by the Client on the basis of this agreement are intended for their own need (unless expressly specified otherwise by the Provider in individual cases). If the Provider expressly specifies the possibility of using the materials for the students of the Client (it concerns teaching printed materials and video gallery stories as a part of the Premium Course), it shall be for the use in one classroom only. For sharing within the school, you need to purchase a multilicence; please contact [email protected]. In case of a violation, the Provider may cancel the log-in data and the Client shall pay a fine equalling the price of the course and the multilicence.

The Client understands that the online environment of the Course may be non-functional due to e.g. a shut-down for the necessarily required period for the realization of repairs, maintenance or upgrade of programmes and system or implementation of new items, as well as due to unenforceable failures or defects. Should it be possible, the Provider shall inform the Client in advance about the planned non-functionality.

We are constantly improving our services. The Provider reserves the right to intervene into the online environment of the Course without prior notice to the Client (or course participant); an intervention means e.g. a change in the parameters, change in the graphic layout, addition or reduction of the options for the Client and other interventions.

The Provider cannot guarantee that the operated Internet pages are always failure-free and free of viruses. The Provider shall not bear any liability for damages that can be possibly incurred by the Client or other persons due to non-functionality or use of the online environment of the Course or loss of data or contributions entered by the Client.

In each case and in all circumstances, the Client shall be fully liable for their life and for their actions, including the manner of using the information obtained from the Provider. Should any damages or harm occur on the basis of a decision of the Client, the Provider shall not be liable for them.

In case of a violation of the basic contracting conditions by the Provider, the obligation of the compensation of damages shall be limited to foreseeable damages. The amount of the foreseeable damages shall be limited to the amount of 20.00 $.

The Provider shall be the owner of the materials and outputs provided within the Course; they are an author´s work. Exclusive copyrights and related rights to the programme, graphic and content matters of the Course shall be executed by the Provider. All rights reserved. No part of the Course or Internet pages may be copied or otherwise reproduced or circulated in full or in part without the consent of the Provider.

By the provision of the Services to the Client, no authorization shall be established in connection with capturing and spreading graphic pictures and visual and audio records.  Any such use is only possible after a prior consent of the Provider.

The Client shall not be authorized to intervene into the online environment of the Course in any other way that it is specified for their usual use.

Withdrawal from Agreement – Refund Policy

 The Client shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement (unless specified otherwise hereinbelow) within the period of fourteen days, which runs from the day of the placement of the order.

The notice of the withdrawal from the agreement shall be sent by the Client to the e-mail address: [email protected], always with the statement that the Client withdraws from the agreement and with enclosing a copy of the invoice – tax document. The amount shall be returned at the latest by 30 days from the delivery of the e-mail with the withdrawal from the agreement. EWK reserves the right to reject the refund of the money in case of a suspicion of abuse of this guarantee.

 Making records and contributions of the participant 

 Furthermore, the Provider is authorized to use the contributions of the participant, which were entered to the pages operated by the Provider or submitted to the Provider by the participant in another way, without consideration in its activity (without right to remuneration to the participant) – e.g. for illustration and for its presentation, to which the participant grants an expressed consent to the Provider. The Provider is authorized to publish such data and contributions on its Internet pages or present them in another way.

Personal Data Protection and Security

 The Provider represents and warrants that all personal data are confidential and they will be used only for the performance of the agreement with the Client and for the marketing purposes of the Provider.  With respect to any different use, the Provider shall request the Client to grant an approval in advance.

All personal data, which are provided voluntarily by the Client to the Provider for the purpose of the performance of the order, shall be collected, processed and stored in compliance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

The whole wording of the Personal data protection policy can be found on the following link:

Final Provisions

 EWK is a company with registered office in Prague, Czech Republic. All legal relationships and possible disputes shall be solved exclusively according to the laws of the Czech Republic and shall be solved by the applicable courts of the Czech Republic.

Possible disputes between EWL and the Client shall be solved primarily out-of-court by means of an agreement between the Client and the Provider.  In case a consumer dispute from the purchase agreement or from the agreement on provision of services occurs between the Provider and the Client as the consumer, which is not resolved by mutual agreement, the Client as the consumer may file a proposal for out-of-court resolution of such a dispute to the subject established for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, which is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

The agreement between the Client and the Provider is concluded in the Czech language. If it is necessary to translate the text of the agreement for the needs of the Client, it shall apply that in case of a dispute concerning the interpretation of terms, the interpretation of the agreement in the Czech language shall apply.

These General Business Terms and Conditions are valid and effective as of 1.11. 2016