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Over 90 minutes of video guides and bonuses to help you learn English the natural way.


Unlimited access to more than 27 videos that you may also enjoy in the six week training program.


Handy printouts going together with the videos for fun and easy learning.

I’m really excited to share the English With Kids Online course with you. As a mother of three daughters I was fascinated by the process of passing on the gift of native language. And I thought

“When I can tech my native language why not English too? What makes parents such intuitive language experts?”

And I started to notice some key principles and when applied to English as a second language they worked magically too. And it worked also with a group of children when I was teaching. I was so excited that I decided to share this approach with other parents and teachers.

It makes children comfortable enough to really use English to communicate and with no effort.

“From my own experience I found teaching methods at schools to be very passive. I learned English later during one year in American high school. So English is not my native language, I learned when traveling. But for my children little English moments in our daily life take us on life-changing adventure while staying at home.”

“From my point of view English is the number one language and thanks to new learning platforms also a key to a wider range of educational opportunities in the future.”

Playful English moments that can help your children learn so easily as they did with their native language.

With our handy printouts summarizing all ideas you can be an active and effective guide in this wonderful process.

I am excited to invite you in! 

In the videos we will explore together the childrens world of best fun with

  • classic songs when using handmotions
  • taking the song theme together with English words into children games
  • playing the all time favourite English games
  • integrating easy English to daily activities
  • play with English in the Montessori way
  • taking English outside when exploring


  • We will explore the topics of The Body Parts, Keeping Healthy, Getting Dressed, the Colors, Eating and Drinking, Washing etc.
  • You will see how to play different types of seeking games, celebrating games, guessing games, variations of the I spy game, playing roles or using toys to make the English best fun.
  • Outside we will use English when exploring the garden, playing with the pat, meeting animals on the farm or during our walk by the river etc.


Effective concepts of integrating English

For parents and teachers