About me

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my name is Eva Potociarova. I live near Prague (Czech Republic) and my native language is Czech. After studying in the US, I am a great fan of the English language. I have decided to share my knowledge with my little children naturally thanks to the exciting world of English rhymes, songs, games, books and our little “English moments” of small talks and other fun activities. This approach works so great and is very comfortable for me as a parent!

When starting,  I had my little vision to prepare my children for an English version of Harry Potter and then I thought they would fall in love with the language. But to my surprise, love came with the first songs and activities that immediately helped my children to find a way to use English every day by themselves. I was providing only a little guidance!

I find feeling familiar with the English language and loving it as the best start for their future learning.

Awareness about the world’s diversity drives their interest to learn more and surprisingly they would like to explore other languages too.

After four years,we enjoy the first steps in communicating in English (as a second language) together – without fear or shyness. Basic English expressions and statements are natural.

I really like how this approach can support a child’s positive self-image and confidence in their ability.

I am sharing my experience with other parents at my courses and in future in online courses too.

I am thankful to my daughters for this wonderful journey ☺